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What We Do

Drive change. Build awareness. Foster collaboration. Develop leading practices. Share solutions. Evolve and improve P3s to deliver the best infrastructure possible for Canadians

Evolution, Growth, Resiliency

Canada’s P3 sector is at an important juncture: it needs to grow and evolve while also getting back to the fundamentals of its 30-year success in this country. To lead this change and guide the discussion, the Council is evolving to support our members and the industry — deepening its government outreach, expanding its thought leadership and strengthening its relationship with the public and private sector thought leaders in our community.

Our activities are working to:

  1. Evolve P3s by supporting the industry in harnessing lessons learned, adapting the model, and supporting the maturing portfolio of projects
  2. Grow the industry by supporting the adoption of the model in new asset classes and new jurisdictions, as well as finding new opportunities to broaden the membership and grow new P3 talent
  3. Build resilient infrastructure by demonstrating the important role the P3 model can play in meeting the government’s objectives, such as through long-term operations and maintenance to support asset management
Advocacy: Speaking up for the Sector

Advocacy: Speaking up for the Sector

The Canadian pipeline of P3 projects remains strong but gaps still exist, including in provinces that have historically used P3s as a means for implementing infrastructure projects and at the municipal level. The Council and its members are coordinating efforts to encourage the use of the model — where appropriate — and to protect it. Educating and dispelling myths about P3s, showcasing its advantages and leading its evolution and adaptations over time with the latest best practices are key.

We do this by:

  • Developing relations with government officials
  • Events
  • Round tables
  • Workshops
  • Research

Federal Tax Legislation Changes

In February 2022, CCPPP was made aware of proposed federal tax legislation related to Excessive Interest and Financing Expenses Limitation (EIFEL). The Council is working hard with its members to ensure the legislation, once tabled, protects the country's P3 projects — both current and future — and does not place Canada at a competitive disadvantage to our neighbours to the south when it comes to procurement, labour and innovation.

Our advocacy work to date has included three submissions to the federal government, as well as meetings with federal finance officials.