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Sharing Data, Driving Success

Ensuring the quality of the inputs to develop a project is key to ensuring that the project is a success. Robust cost estimates, understanding risk and long-term forecasting should be key components of the development of any public infrastructure project.

Often the greatest predictor of future behaviour is past behaviour, but Canada struggles to adequately share data from existing projects to drive innovation, share solutions and avoid costly pitfalls across the infrastructure sector.

The Council is committed to finding solutions to share data and evidence from P3s across the country and different asset classes to help support the next generation of projects in a manner that protects proprietary and commercially confidential information.

By creating member-only committees and advisory groups, the Council is engaging broadly within this pool of thought leaders to find creative solutions to harness this valuable data. 

In addition to supporting the development of future projects, mining the quantitative and qualitative data on Canada’s P3s will bolster evidence demonstrating the benefits the model brings to public infrastructure and service delivery.

Help Set Research Priorities

Join CCPPP's new Data and Research Committe.

To create persuasive and impartial arguments in support of P3s and to guide their evolution, it's important for the Council to determine where best to focus its research efforts and find experts who can contribute statistics and analysis from both the public and private sector.

This is truly important work, underpinning the future success of our advocacy efforts with governments at all levels to grow the project pipeline.

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