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Give Your Brand a Lift

Eager to create brand awareness in the Canadian markeplace and reach industry and government decision-makers involved in public-private partnerships? Look no further!

The Council is the only organization in Canada where all aspects of infrastructure delivery are represented, and both experts in the public and private sector are members.

We offer a variety of thought leadership or branding opportunities at reasonable price points. We're also open to working with you to create bespoke experiences that meet the needs of your organization, from specialized invite-only round tables to high-profile events that attract hundreds of industry insiders.

Get noticed and expand your network of possibilities! Reach out today to speak with Adam Straker, our Director of Sponsorship and Member Services.

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Official Host

Since late 2021, the Council has operated as a hybrid work model with employees located across the Greater Toronto-Hamilton Area (GTHA) and Ottawa. BTY Group has helped make this flexibility possible by graciously providing office and boardroom space for the Council at its locations in Toronto and Ottawa, as well as across Canada when we travel for events and meetings. A big thank you to Marie Foley and her team at BTY for making us feel at home!

What Can You Sponsor?

CCPPP offers

  • 50+ thought leadership & brand awareness opportunities at our Annual Conference, reaching approximately a thousand delegates each fall in downtown Toronto
  • Thought leadership & brand awareness opportunities at events across Canada
  • Sole sponsorship of CCPPP's Candid Conversation series, our virtual members-only discussions. Branding on all marketing for the events and an opportunity to work with the Council to craft a special conversation on a topic of your choice
  • Sole sponsorship of CCPPP's Daily News Clippings, delivered directly to the inboxes of more than 3,000 CCPPP members M-F at 10 a.m. ET 
  • Branding and input into Research, including case studies & guidance and analysis reports

Sponsorships can include such items as an in-kind donation of event space and audiovisual costs, sharing of data and writing services, or financial support.

We're always excited to work with our members and others involved in the Canadian and global infrastructure sector to find unique and innovative activities that provide value to our members and to our sponsors. Let's work together to create one!

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