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Committees of the Board

Executive Committee

Executive Committee oversees the general management of the affairs of the Council. The members for 2023-2024 are:

  • Johanne Mullen, Chair
  • Cory Grandy, Vice Chair
  • Barbara Carmona Venancio, Treasurer
  • Michael Ledgett, Corporate Secretary
  • Linda Brown, Chair, Communications Committee
  • Brian Budden
  • Sam Chai
  • Ehren Cory
  • Lisa Mitchell, President and Chief Executive Officer, CCPPP

Audit and Finance Committee

The committee assists the Board in fulfilling its oversight responsibilities by supervising the quality and integrity of the Council's financial reporting and compliance requirements. For 2023-2024, the members are:

  • Barbara Carmona Venancio, Treasurer
  • Jillian Beaton
  • Mac Bell
  • Nuria Haltiwanger
  • Louise Panneton
  • Kevin Pringle
  • Josh Van Deurzen
  • Bing Bing Wang
  • Cory Grandy, Vice Chair, ex offico

Governance Committee

The committee identifies individuals for selection as Board members, officers, committee chairs and committee members, as well as assists the Board in overseeing the development of governance policies, practices and processes. For 2023-2024, the members are:

  • Michael Ledgett, Corporate Secretary
  • Maxine Ethier
  • Adam Laughlin
  • Robert Peraita
  • Carlos Planelles
  • Ella Plotkin
  • Stephanie Vaillancourt
  • Johanne Mullen, Chair, ex offico

Communications Committee

The committee, which includes both board directors and non-board members, oversees and advises management on matters related to advocacy and government relations, member and stakeholder relations, and public and media relations. For 2023-2024, the members are: 

  • Linda Brown, Committee Chair
  • Derron Bain
  • Jensen Clarke, Director, Head of P3 Business Development, Fengate Asset Management
  • Angela Clayton, President, Project Delivery, Infrastructure Ontario
  • Joey Comeau, Chief Operating Officer and Executive Vice President, Capital, EllisDon
  • Niilo Edwards
  • Marie Foley
  • Eitan Ladizinsky
  • David Pratt
  • Grenville Riley
  • Derrick M. Toigo
  • Cory Grandy, Vice Chair, ex offico

Directors’ Emeritus Committee

The committee, newly formed in 2023,advises the Board on matters related to Council activities and the public infrastructure industry. For 2023-2024, the members are:

  • Mark Bain, Partner, Torys LLP
  • Sarah Clark, President and CEO,Fraser River Pile and Dredge (GP) Inc.
  • David McFadden, Chair of the Board of Directors of Toronto Hydro Corp., 407 International Inc. and PCI Geomatics Inc.
  • Steve Nackan, Executive Vice President and President, Aecon Concessions
  • Tim Philpotts, Government & Public Sector Strategy and Transactions Market Segment Leader, EY Canada
  • Lou Serafini Jr., President and CEO, Fengate Asset Management
  • Geoff Smith, President and CEO, EllisDon
  • Gregory J. Smith, President and Chief Executive Officer, Instar Asset Management Inc.