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Data and Research Committee

The opportunity to join CCPPP's new Data and Research Committee, created in spring 2023, is open to any public or private sector member organization.

This would be of particular interest to members with:

  • Research capabilities such as government departments or agencies, consultants and others actively engaged in collecting and analyzing data
  • Interest in sharing their knowledge and/or data more widely within the sector to promote greater understanding of P3s and drive national change

The Mission

The committee, which will consist of up to 15 representatives, will require a high degree of engagement from participating members.

Together, the committee will work with CCPPP staff to lead the development and implementation of specific areas of work to support the P3 industry, and in support of the Council’s Board-approved business plan activities.

On occasion, the committee will be asked to brief the Board of Directors on its activities and progress.

To Join

Joining the committee requires an annual membership add-on fee of $2,000 or an in-kind donation of resources or services of equal value (eg. researcher, writer, graphic design, etc.) to be approved by Council staff.

To indicate your interest, please email Lisa Mitchell at [email protected]

The first meeting will take place in Fall 2023. Participation in this committee will run for 12 months, ending May 31, 2024.