Public-Private Partnerships – A Guide for Municipalities



Canadian Council for Public-Private Partnerships


Canadian Council for Public-Private Partnerships. “Public-Private Partnerships: A Guide for Municipalities. 2011.


Canadian Council for Public-Private Partnerships


November 2011


This introductory guide to the P3 model, targeted at Canadian municipalities, provides a roadmap for successfully delivering P3s. The guide explains P3 fundamentals, clarifies misconceptions, explains the different models, goes through the P3 process, highlights the roles of government organizations, identifies issues common to municipalities and relays lessons learned.

Key Findings

  • The need for new infrastructure is increasing in Canada and governments at all levels, especially municipalities, are struggling to keep pace with public demands for greater and improved infrastructure. Municipalities face a particularly difficult challenge in funding their infrastructure needs, given the need to balance operating budgets and manage municipal debts.
  • Public-Private Partnerships offer many benefits to municipalities, enabling them to access new infrastructure, contributing to economic growth, employment and social goals.
  • Common requirements for P3 success at the municipal level of government include: effective communication between stakeholders, an understanding of P3 regulatory and policy frameworks, an internal P3 policy, an effective P3 screening process, in-house P3 expertise, engagement of external P3 advisors, patience and transparency.

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