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The Canadian Council for Public-Private Partnerships advances the understanding of public-private partnering by conducting research on related issues focused in Canada. Members of CCPPP receive a limited number of copies free, and additional copies of new publications at reduced rates, depending on the membership level. You may order documents using the shopping cart and we will follow up to arrange for payment.

National Award Case Studies

The National Award Case Studies are published annually and feature detailed write-ups on the projects, including quick facts, procurement process, structure of the agreement, financial arrangements, risk allocation, benefits, communications, labour, monitoring, testimonials and partner contacts. They are an excellent resource for those looking to emulate best practices from Canada's P3 leaders.

Case Studies

Case studies from the schools and hospital sectors are provided with best practices for Canadian PPP projects.

Guidance & Analysis

These publications provide guidance and best practices in particular P3 issues.


The Canadian Council for Public-Private Partnerships conducted a comprehensive survey of Canadian attitudes to the use of PPP in a variety of sectors. These publications summarize the results with selected demographic groups and provinces.

Recent Publications

Picture of the productEnergy Services Acquisition Program (ESAP/ESM)

Detailed case study of the Energy Services Acquisition Program (ESAP)/Energy Service Modernization (ESM) Project, the 2020 Gold Award for Project Development winner.

This ambitious $1.8-billion initiative is modernizing energy centres in five locations — some of which date back almost a century — to provide heating and/or cooling for 80 buildings in the nation’s capital, including Parliament. The upgrades will lower operating costs for taxpayers and help reduce the Canadian government’s energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions. This design build-finance-operate P3 is set to reach substantial completion in 2025, followed by 30 years of operations and maintenance. The awards committee noted the project is complex because it involves the private sector mitigating risks from federal and interprovincial brownfield construction, six years of interim operations during construction, as well as factoring in protections for heritage assets. It also has built in flexibility to potentially expand the modernized district energy system to other public and private buildings in the region.

This 36-page case study provides details on the elements that made this project the Gold Award for Project Development winner. Information on the project includes: quick facts, procurement process, structure of the agreement, financial arrangements, innovative features, risk allocation, benefits, communications, performance monitoring, lessons learned and partner contacts.

Published: 10/2021; 36 pages.
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Picture of the productP3s and Community Benefits Agreements in Canada
Since they first emerged in Los Angeles in 2001, Community Benefits Agreements (CBAs) have been designed to share the benefits of infrastructure more widely — literally from the ground up. This report focuses on CBAs used on infrastructure projects in Canada and abroad with an overview of similar socio-economic advancement policies used in Canada. The Canadian Council for Public-Private Partnerships collaborated with Constructive Edge to prepare this 25-page report, which is available in a downloadable PDF format. Published January 2021.

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