Public-Private Partnerships Fundamentals

Public-Private Partnerships Fundamentals

The Canadian Council for Public-Private Partnerships in partnership with Toraza Zenith Inc.

Public-Private Partnerships Fundamentals

June 10, 2020: Toronto

CCPPP Offices
55 University Ave., Suite 608, Toronto, ON


CCPPP Private Sector Members: $550
CCPPP Public Sector / Non-Profit Members: $400
Non-Members: $650
(Includes: Exclusive Handbook, breaks and lunch)
HST will be added


These one-day seminars will cover P3 definitions, basic structures, success factors, myths and facts, and the current state of the P3 market in Canada. They are perfect for those looking to learn the basics or those who want a refresher. This course requires no prior knowledge of P3s. A certificate of attendance will be issued for those who take one of these seminars.

Program Objectives

Delivering an all rounded understanding of the P3 project delivery model through the understanding of:

  • The terminology used in PPPs
  • Why use the PPP approach?
  • Typical arguments for and against the P3 Model
  • Who finances P3s and who pays for them?
  • What needs to be in place to encourage success?
  • What to look for/negotiate in a PPP contract?
  • Understanding the effort required to deliver a PPP
  • The current state of the PPP market

Program Outline

Framework Environment
Background   |   Overview   |   Definition and Characteristics

Justification of P3s
Why use it?   |   Comparative Assessment

When are they used?   |   Types of P3 models   |   Challenges and Benefits
Success Factors

Structure and Finance   |   Managing a Project   |   Value for Money
Risk Management   |   Process Life-Cycle

Who should attend?

Public and private sector professionals who are interested in expanding their knowledge and gaining a well-rounded understanding of P3s.

Personalized P3 Fundamentals Seminar?

If you or your organization would like to set up a personalized P3 Fundamentals seminar on a different date or location, please contact Hani Awad at [email protected].

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Le Conseil canadien pour les partenariats public-privé et Toraza Zenith Inc.

Seminaire d’une journée sur les principes de base des partenariats public-privé

Le 10 juin 2020 : Toronto, ON

Membres du secteur privé du CCPPP : 550 $
Membres des secteurs public et à but non lucratif du CCPPP : 400 $
Non-membres : 650 $
(comprend le matériel de cours, les pauses et le dîner)
La TVH sera ajoutée.


Ces séminaires d’une journée porteront sur les définitions des PPP, les structures de base, les facteurs de réussite, les mythes et les faits et sur l’état actuel du marché des PPP au Canada. Ils sont parfaits pour ceux qui cherchent à apprendre les bases ou ceux qui veulent un recyclage. Ce cours ne nécessite pas de connaissance préalable des P3. Un certificat sera fourni à ceux qui suivent l'un de ces séminaires.

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3/3/2020 - 11/10/2020
CCPPP Offices 55 University Ave., Suite 608 Toronto, ON M5J 2H7
Online registration not available.

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